About Building Self

Learn to let go of all the unwanted, toxic, negative things we have blanketed for a very long time.

Learn to free yourself from these and start living the life away from misery, unfortunate, undeserved conditions.

Building Self is a site solely dedicated to these things, helping people to give their new self a grandiose rebirth. An event they have craved for long, embracing the self they really wanted. Founded in 2017, the site is still fresh on the web with a clear mission. To help people to let go of these toxic thoughts to move forward and build their dreams.  

Hello, I’m Mecyll Jamila. Though I run this site, I don’t claim sole ownership as I wanted to share it to you, too. I know you have awesome, inspiring, meaningful, and striking life stories you could share to the community who wanted to hear them. I have my story to say and so do you.

You’ll find posts about building self, overcoming from negative events, letting go, managing stress, anxiety, listening to inner voice, devoting to spirituality, emotional healing, healthy relationships, and others that relate to the site’s cause.

I’m inviting you to this mission. Let’s help hand in hand for a happier, more peaceful, more positive humanity. Especially lots of people suffer depression, frustration, and other unhealthy thoughts nowadays.

If you think you are alone in misery, you’re wrong.

Come and join us!

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Holding life torch,

Mecyll Jamila

Founder, Building Self


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