Learn how to take charge of your life and make a great and huge step towards the best version of you. The art of letting go is a journey would be difficult and it would take almost a lifetime before that happens. But don't quit. At least you tried.

The art of letting go. The fact that I grew up in an environment where everything is under control made my life difficult. What’s worse? I can’t hate them. Because they’re my own parents. Days before my German fiance arrive in my homeland, the Philippines, we talked about moving on […]

How I Live My Life With Borderline Personality Disorder - Building Self

Living the life with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is like living in two personalities. However, it is not being bipolar. They’re two different things. Though this mental illness can change my personalities in two different extremes in a matter of seconds. And nobody knows about it until recently. Since I […]

This stops your bad procrastinating habit once and for all - Building Self-min

“Nah, I still can do my homework tomorrow. It’s just 5-pages anyway.” “I did so much work yesterday, so I can delay my assignment today.” “I can scroll posts on Facebook for another 30 minutes.” Have you felt guilty while reading them? Be honest. I’m a bad procrastinator. I admit […]

21 things to develop positive self talk - Building Self

“I am capable.” That’s simple to say but difficult to believe. Especially if you aren’t used to praise or admiration inside your own homes.  Negative labels “idiot,” “stupid,” or “mistake” are considered norm in your families. And you’re used to it. The thing is, you’re getting sick of them. These […]

Who is BTS - Building Self

You have probably heard about BTS recently, right? I bet you’re surprised when they suddenly popped out of nowhere and won Billboard Music Award, beating big names in music industry. “Who are they?” or “Where did they come from?” You thought. You might also wonder why they won massive fans […]

51 things to do when you're lonely - Building Self

You sigh out of loneliness. You feel empty, giving no attention about your favorite novel. You rather sleep all day than moving an inch from the mattress. “What should I do? I wanna get out from this agony!” You screamed that out loud. You finally reach the point where you […]